Saturday January 16, 2021


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At another website, you can learn some more about John and Daytonís flights from posts made there and hereís a link to that website below.

Craparo and Dabbs World Record

I enjoyed reading the posts at that website but there wasnít nearly enough there to satisfy my desire to learn more.

John and Daytonís record-setting flights extended over a period of about a week and a half. The week after they completed the flights, I had the opportunity to fly with Dayton in his Magni M-16 and later over dinner to hear Daytonís firsthand account of their adventure. Iíll hold off telling you more about that in anticipation that Dayton or John will write about that adventure somewhere soon. John is a prolific writer with a keen knowledge of aviation history and Iím eager to hear his view of how he feels he and Daytonís achievement fits into that history.

But if John or Dayton donít get around to telling more about their story, Iím going to have to tell you my version of it, and unlike them, I wonít be burdened by having to tone down the accomplishment lest it seem like bragging.

All of these world record attempts have inspired me to undertake my own cross country venture, one that would begin from my home base, the grassy strip at Rambling Ranch in Climax, Texas, and a flight that would extend all the way to the Lavon Intracounty air strip bordering Culleoka, an arduous trek spanning almost ten miles, including an over-water crossing of a rather deep ravine of Ticky Creek. Thereís also the peril of possibly colliding with Hank Lesterís windmill, a structure thatís a marvel of engineering with an unparalleled degree of the innovative use of duct tape.

The windmill protrudes from the cattle tank at its base into the sky a full twenty-five feet or more, a hazard to my air navigation that might otherwise prompt me to have the FAA demand that the windmill be affixed with a strobe light, but that demand has been preempted by Hank as a result of him mounting a flashing blue light atop the windmill, one he obtained at a bargain price from a K-Mart going-out-business sale.

At this point, the planning and preparation for this journey consists solely of fortifying myself with daily snacks of corn nuts and root beer, but I plan to move on to more detailed planning any day now. Iíll keep yíall posted about this flight in case you donít hear about it in the news.

Ira McComic

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