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The Super Sky Cycle

The very earliest version of the Super Sky Cycle, around 2007 and perhaps intended only as a prototype, used the same engine for propelling the vessel on the ground as it did in the air, including spinning the propeller in both configurations. Perhaps with the realization that a spinning propeller on a motorcycle could be a quite effective meat chopper for removing fingers, arms, and other appendages from curious ground dwellers who ventured too close, the production version of the Super Sky Cycle employed another, different engine for powering it on the road. This engine transferred power via a chain drive to one of the main gear wheels, allowing the propeller to simply go along for the ride.

In the above paragraph, I referred to the “production” version of the Super Sky Cycle, but that’s a loose use of the word in the traditional manufacturing sense. I’m not sure Larry ever arrived at a “production” version of anything, at least in the sense of producing one thing that was a total duplicate of another. He was constantly tinkering.

Below is a photo I snapped one time in Larry Neals’s hangar of a stripped-down Super Sky Cycle, in which you can see the chain drive attached to the left main gear. Also, on this version of the Super Sky Cycle, the engine for flying is a Rotax 914. In the videos on the preceding pages of the gussied-up Super Sky Cycle, the flying engine is a Rotax 912.

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