Thursday September 24, 2020


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The Little Master Sergeant

Don continued to research, ask questions, and learn. The vision became clearer: a comprehensive solution for persons who had the same commuting problem he had faced. Drawing heavily from his teaching experience, especially from his experience as a one-room schoolteacher, he would create a new kind of school. It would be a school offering a turnkey solution to commuting problems similar to his. It would be a school providing what the student needed: not just flight instruction, but the aircraft also.

His schools would teach persons how to correctly build and safely operate a flying motorcycle. To embody the concept, he created a company that he called Air Drive. For a package price, an Air Drive school would provide a Super Sport Cycle kit, instruction and guidance for persons to build it, flight instruction to become a licensed pilot, and additional instruction, if needed, to get a motorcycle license – all in six weeks.

Don plans that the first school will be in Olney, Texas. That’s because of the airport, one that’s well maintained and uniquely staffed for the venture. His plans are to put the second school in Castroville, Texas, southwest of San Antonio. Why Castroville? One reason is that Don owns a house there, just outside of Seaworld. Another reason, he explained, is that the little airport there is surrounded by nothing more than cows in a pasture and, unlike human neighbors, “if they complain about noise, they’re barbeque.”

Two former fire fighters who served with Don when he was chief of the Camelot, Texas, Volunteer Fire Department are helping him build this business. He calls their relationship a “brotherhood.” He describes it as “a trust thing” built from years of experience helping each other, even saving each other’s lives.

I asked Don if he would describe himself as an “overachiever.” He agreed that the description fits. He said, “I wasn’t a natural athlete—I’m only five feet, eight—yet I became a Marine; I don’t like public speaking, yet I became a school teacher.”

And now this man with little prior flying experience intends to teach the aviation community some things about how to equip persons with the flying craft and the skills to uniquely solve one of today’s common transportation problems. Indeed, “the little Master Sergeant” has high ambitions.

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The Super Sky Cycle

Ira McComic

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