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In the summer of í85, a friend called his attention to an employment ad; the city of Olney, Texas, was looking for an airport manager. Bob thought it might be an opportunity, so he borrowed a plane and he and his friend flew from Ponca City to this town south of Wichita Falls to look over the airfield. What they found wasnít impressive. The airfield was run down, grass was growing through cracks on the runways, taller grass was growing on the infield, and apparently the airfield didnít have runway lights.

But Bob saw it as an opportunity; he took the job, becoming the Olney Municipal Airport manager in October of 1985. And he brought Starkís Aviation with him. (Incidentally, the first time Bob mowed the infield, he discovered the airfield actually did have lights.)

At Olney, Bob found more things people wanted him to do. In 1988, a group wanted an export license to send aircraft outside the country and needed a DAR (FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative) to inspect the aircraft and issue an export license. Because there was a need for it, Bob earned the designation and added a couple of other certifications while at it, including a certificate as a Designated Engineering Representative, which carries a wide variety of privileges related to aircraft electrical and lighting components.

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