Thursday September 24, 2020


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The next morning, Bob was summoned to report to the the commanding officer. His hat in his hand, he stood at attention before the captain.

And there he stood, waiting as the captain vigourously filled out some forms on his desk. And the longer he waited, the longer he had to speculate. All that paper work was unnerving; those forms could be the ones necessary for having him shackled in the brig. The Navy liked to be thorough about things like that.

Without looking up from his work, the captain asked, “Did you make a landing on this airfield yesterday?”

Bob acknowledged that, in fact, he had.

Still scrawling on the forms, the Captain inquired further, “Why were you at the controls of the aircraft?”

Bob replied, “Sir, I’d rather not say.”

The captain lapsed into silence again. The only sound was the pen scratching on the forms. Seaman Bob stood there, the cap in his hand wilting in a sweaty grip.

Eventually, the captain put his signature on the last form. Still without looking up, he said, “Ensign, you’re out of uniform. Dismissed.”

It took a moment for that to sink in. Did he say “Ensign”? And that’s how Bob not only escaped the brig, at least in his imagination, but also received a field grade promotion.

Perhaps contributing to Bob’s salvation, and elevation in rank, was the fact that he was the Scoutmaster for the Boy Scout troop that the Captain’s son belonged to. In any case, Bob began formal flight training at the civilian Honolulu International Airport, where he soloed in a J3 Cub after 6 hours.

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