Thursday September 24, 2020


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TAG and TAGNA: A Match Made in Australia

The couple’s first experience as gyroplane builders caused them to look elsewhere for a different aircraft and, hopefully, a different experience. And where did they look? The place where most native-born Americans wouldn’t think to look: Australia.

In Australia, they found Neil Sheather, who was an ELA gyroplane dealer and who had undertaken the challenge of developing a gyroplane that was better suited for the Australian outback. The result of that challenge was the Titanium Explorer, and in the design and construction of that aircraft, Jim and Chris found the quality they were seeking, and as well, they forged a mutually positive relationship with the aircraft manufacturer’s principal, Sheather. So, as a result of all that, Jim and Chris became the US distributor for the Titanium Explorer, an aircraft in which they feel confident and with a relationship with a manufacturer that they feel good about.

For Jim and Chris, as gyroplane builders and dealers, it’s been a journey from frustration to fulfillment, a journey that took them to the other side of the world; yet in one sense, the journey wasn’t that long. It turns out that the assembly facility in Australia for the Titanium Explorer is in Tamworth, which is relatively near Chris’ family home. The distance is “only” a four-hour drive that, by Australian outback standards, is less than some walkabouts.

You can learn more about the Titanium Explorer and TAGNA by clicking this link: TAGNA

Ira McComic

In another Rambling that I'll get around to eventually, you can read about how the first Titanium Explorer eventually got to the US, a saga that dwarfs the tale of any traveler who's ever had an airline lose his or her baggage.

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